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No milk - I feel like a failure

Due to a disability, I was never able to get LO in place to nurse him, so I've been pumping since day 1.  I've never had a lot of milk, even though I'm on domperidone to build my supply.  Anyways, I've been to see Lactation consultants and today I saw a doctor who specialises in breastfeeding.  She said that she doesn't know why I'm making so little, and that for the amount of time I'm pumping and what I'm getting, it's hardly worth it.  In a way I'm relieved to hear that - I'm so stressed an anxious and all I can think about is milk, so it was nice to get permission to stop, if that makes sense.


Anyways, I'm relieved but at the same time I feel horribly guilty and like a failure because I couldn't feed my child.  I know it's not my fault any more than it's the fault of a woman who winds up wit a c/s, but I still feel awful.  I'm not sure what i'm trying to get from this post, just venting I guess.


Re: No milk - I feel like a failure

  • Don't feel guilty! You did the best you could, and your baby will be perfectly fine with formula. Plus you will probably all be happier if you are less stressed, and aren't spending half your day pumping.
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  • This is me! I hardly produce any milk. Today I have come to the decision to stop nursing on Monday, DS will be 10wks and I feel like I have given it my best shot. Know that you are not alone, but I think in the end I will be happier momma and that is best
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    Just curious if they ran a full Thyroid panel not just the basic thyroid test.  undiagnosed thyroid issues can kill milk supply.

    also curious if they did a full hormone work up.  domperidone helps if prolactin is low, but if oxytocin


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  • AmyG - nope, they didn't run any tests at all.  I'd never thought of that as an option, no one ever mentioned it.  I'm surprised that the breastfeeding specialist doctor didn't say anything.  May those tests aren't available in my area?

  • Honey, I hear you. I also pumped from day 1 because I had a 2 pound preemie. Breastfeeding prompts so many primal feelings of guilt hard to avoid. I had to seriously grieve that I wasn't able to breastfeed. I pumped exclusively for awhile, but it became
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  • image Meggiemuggins:
    AmyG - nope, they didn't run any tests at all.  I'd never thought of that as an option, no one ever mentio
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  • A baby is so much more efficient at getting milk out of momma than a pump. What you get out by pumping is not an indicator of what baby would get out himself. But if it cant happen it cant happen and there is nothing to feel guilty about. You are not a fa
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