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IUGR/ 37 week induction

At my anatomy scan I had lots of problems (not sure if y'all remember), and IUGR was one of them. Since then, we have had a growth ultrasound every 3 weeks. We started in the "under 5" percentile, then 7th, then 12, then down to 9, and today she was down to the 5th %. She is slacking off on her growth curve, and the MFM is thinking that we will need to deliver at 37 weeks, but will determine that in 3 weeks at our next growth scan. Today she is approx 2 lb, 12 oz, when she should be a little over 4 pounds.

 Is anyone else dealing or has dealt with IUGR and an early delivery? I am worried that even if she maintains this growth rate, she will only be about 4 pounds when she is born, and it scares me to death!

Just hoping someone else who has dealt with this can give me some insight or tips!

Also- 37 weeks is May 18, my son't 1st bday is May 17..... just shy of Irish twins, lol! 

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Re: IUGR/ 37 week induction

  • I'm not sure any of your or my friends medical details, but both of her last babies were small. Her 3rd was under 4 pounds if I remember correctly at 40 weeks. Scored a 9 on the apgar and went home on day 3!! Caught up in 3 months I think. It will be just fine! Keep loving your baby!!
  • My son had very severe IUGR, discovered at week 37. I so clearly remember being where you are, I just want to give you a huge hug! It really is going to be ok. 

    At 38 weeks, 6 days, I was sent in for a c-section after it was discovered that I had low amniotic fluid and a breech baby.  

    The main issue my son experienced at birth was trouble maintaining blood sugar levels. He was also a sleepy eater, but he never had any problem at all gaining weight. He was fed through a feeding tube for awhile so that he wouldn't have to burn calories eating. Getting him to drink from a bottle was challenging enough, I didn't have the mental strength at the time to even attempt breastfeeding, so I pumped for him for eight months. 

    He was in the hospital (special care) for two weeks. My doctors were being VERY careful, I honestly don't think he needed to be there that long. By the end of the first week, he was completely off of any medical intervention. 

     Since leaving the hospital, we have have 0 medical issues with him at all. He's still on the small side, but his growth has been amazing. He was born in the 0.8th percentile for weight and is now hovering around 35%. His development has been completely normal in every way. 

    The beginning was rough, but the vast majority of IUGR babies don't have any long-term complications.

    Hang in there, listen to the doctors and take it easy! Try not to stress out too much!

     Also, there's a whole board dedicated to IUGR over on babycenter. There's lots of people with preemie IUGR babies that can answer your questions a little better.

    Good luck! 

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  • My baby girl was born Monday because of iugr and low flow in the 2 vessel umbilical cord. Also I was battling pih and the verge of pre eclampsia. I was 28w 4d.

    She is in the nicu and doing pretty well. On a ventilator right now. Her breathing is really the main issue. I had 3 total steroid shots and she had to have 3 doses of surfactant.  She has been stable for a couple days now.

    I would think since you are much further along it would be a lot better.


    Even though my daughter only weighed 1 pound 8 ounces they said it was more about how far along she was.  Hope this helps 

  • I have had 2 IUGR babies.  My 1st was born emergency csection after a vail induction at 38 weeks.  He was 3lbs 15oz.  He spent 5 days in the NICU to feed and grow and came home at his birth weight.  Now he is a happy healthy HUGE 70lb 4 year old.


    DS3 was born csection at 36 weeks and he was 4lbs 10oz.  He is now a happy healthy 2.5 year old. 


    They both packed the pounds on in no time.  

    What did ya get bro?


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  • my DD was dx IUGR when I was 37 weeks they approximated that she would only reach 4lbs by 40 weeks. I was put on immediate bed rest and they said I also had a low and misshapen placenta.  It was my first pregnancy and had no idea what questions to ask or what to do. I was induced at 39 weeks and 1 day with the NICU in the room on standby at delivery.  She ended up being 6lbs and 6 oz at birth.  Everyone in the room was pleasantly shocked especially since the growth U/S I had the day before measured her at approx 4lbs.  She had a little trouble stabilizing her temp at first and no one was allowed to hold her but me for a few hours while we tried to get her to regulate her temp. She ended up jaundice and was a VERY lazy eater- so she ended up leaving the hosp on day three just under 6lbs.  I know that this may not be the norm for IUGR.

    My OB told me to stay in bed, restrict my activity as much as possible to give DD the most opportunity to absorb the calories.  Not sure how much of an effect that had on her growth, but I did what he told me to do.  

     Well wishes for you and your LO :)  

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  • My DS1 has IUGR.  Discovered at 28 weeks and I was induced at 36 weeks.  He was 5 pounds 3 oz but perfectly healthy and required no NICU time.  I did have steroid shots prior to my induction so I'm not sure if that played a part in it.

    The only real problems we had after delivery was jaundice.  His levels got pretty high (borderline being re-admitted) but fortunately we were able to do a bili blanket at home.  We also had a lot of problems trying to BF so I switched to formula really quickly.  I'm positive if you are determined you could make it through and have a wonderful BFing relationship, but it wasn't a top priority (or something I felt strongly about) of mine.

     Like all of PPs, he is now a very healthy 18 month old!  You would have never known he was a tiny little thing when he was born.  


  • During my pregnancy we had too many ultrasounds to count because of IUGR. The last estimated weight was 4lbs, 4oz but a week later when we were induced at 37 weeks my son was just 3lbs 14oz. He went right away to the special care nursery and stayed in the hospital for 20 days because of problems with his blood sugars and jaundice and of course he was too tired to eat. He had an NGtube and packed on the pounds. He has formula enriched breastmilk and at 4 months he's a bit over 11lbs. My son is a ravenous eater!

    It all seemed scary when it was all happening, especially since I lost my son's brother at 21wks. He's doing great and I don't care if he's on the smaller side because he's healthy and thriving.
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  • Everyone is different but my first baby was diagnosed IUGR at 17 weeks. I was induced at 37 weeks and she was born at 4 lb 13 oz. Apgar score was a 9 and we went home on day 2. She is still in the 5 to 25 th percentile at 2 years old but very healthy and no developmental issues at all. During my current pregnancy I was just told at 18 weeks that this baby is IUGR too.. I'm just taking a baby aspirin and eating more protein and hoping for another small but healthy baby!
  • I don't have any words of advice but I am going through the same thing my baby was diagnosis with IUGR due to sua. He was in the 32 percentile at first and last app was in 7th percentile such a huge drop. I go back Tuesday for another growth scan and am praying he has grown a good amount. My doctor also talked about induction at 37 weeks but I guess it will all depend on his progress. May 27 I would be 37 weeks so we will see I hope we both get good news. Do you have an update yet? As I know this was posted almost 2 weeks ago
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