Cute things your multiples do

I noticed about a month ago that the twins are starting to act like twins.  They play together and recently have started following each other everywhere. Lately they like to go to my room together and destroy whatever they can reach.

Today DD was crying and I couldn't figure out why.  Clean, fed, just woke up from a nap....nothing was making her happy.  At the same time DS was trying to reach for a piece of cloth.  They like to play with cloth.  He couldn't reach it so I put it closer to him so he could grab it.  As soon as he got his hands on it, he gave it to DD and she immediately stopped crying.  She was very happy...squealing and throwing it around.  After DS did this kind gesture he came crawling over to me as fast as he could being all happy.  I picked him up and gave him lots of love and told him what a good brother he is.  He seemed to really like that.  When I put him back down the two of them played very nicely together.  It was just very sweet.

What cute things are your multiples doing that makes you think...they're acting like multiples! 

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Re: Cute things your multiples do

  • Awe. So sweet.
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  • OMG that was such a great post! What a great big brother, indeed! I love kids! Mine are a bit young...but at 6 month actual my triplets absolutely light up a room with their smile when they see another sister. No smile until eye contact is made-- and then
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  • Aww, I love that post, it made me smile!

    Kaylin is starting to take away whatever toy Julie might have in her hands. Julie just looks at her like, WTH. It's reeeeally cute right now, but I know very soon Julie's going to get pissed.


  • Mine have started giving hugs when the other one is upset. They say "baby ow!" And go give the other one a hug and kiss ....even if that one's just pitching a melts my heart every time!!
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  • The girls adore Henry, and they fawn all over him - pull his clothes, talk to him, try to play with him. He's like "yeah whatever ladies - I'm superman!" He's been doing the swimmer pose thing, balancing on his belly for.ever. The girls also love each oth
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  • Oh my goodness that's so sweet!! My girls are just 3m old, but they like to hold hands and place with each others toes when they're playing on the floor together.
  • Aww, that's really sweet!

    Mine at 4 do tons of pretend play together; they run around together like superheroes, they negotiate, if I get something for one of them they make sure I get something their brother would like, too, etc. They also tend to
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  • I have a fisher price learning kitchen, and one feature is a light that you can turn on and off. H was looking at it and chattering away and A crawled up to it, pointed and chattered and flipped the switch on and off, like he was explaining how it works.
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    Waiting for my buddy, s0ulchicken, to finish cooking her own twins!
  • Mine started "talking" to each other last weekend. My mom and I were burping them next to each other and N looked very directly at L, smiled, and started cooing at him. L raised his eyebrows in response lol. They are 3 mo and up til then have been very in
  • Mine are going to be 9 months tomorrow and they are doing similar things. They smile big at each other and my son misses my daughter when she isn't up. They walk in their walkers towards each other and one bangs trying to go backwards and the other laughs
  • Mine get along very well (most of the time - they are learning how to fight too!). They follow each other around all day playing kitchen, babies, blocks, whatever. I try to get them involved in separate activities sometimes, but they tend to end up sid

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  • mirnbmirnb
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    Cutest thing ever to me is when they play peek-a-boo...they will do it with their blankets when I put them to bed....I'll hear them giggling so much and peek in their room to find them playing it! makes all the hard days totally worth it
  • My boys hold hands when they sit in their highchairs ! So cute!
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  • How cute!  Mine just started to interact and notice that they have a twin.
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  • I loved the first interactions between the boys, it was so cute! Now, the cutest thing is listening to their conversations over the monitor (yes, we still use it) when they're (supposed to be) going to sleep. Five year olds are hilarious. Love, love, love
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    Mine kiss each other every night before bed.  They are just saying each other's name and it's adorable.  

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  • Reading these posts make me even more excited to meet my twin girls this summer.
  • Aww! That was so sweet. I can't wait for my boy/girl twins to be born. I hope they are as good and understanding as yours.
  • I do this thing with each of my girls - we touch forheads.  And when we do, we smile big at each other.  And then baby girl will giggle. 

    One afternoon - back around 10 months, I caught them in the livingroom crawling toward one

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