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Please help, I can't really decide which brand and I need a new one soon.  Details, baby is 4.5 months and loves the sling but he is getting too heavy for me so I need a new carrier.  For my last two, I received carriers as gifts so I didn't get to pick the brands and they have been donated since we weren't planning #3... I am 5' 6" and about 175lbs (pre-pregnancy this time & after nursing last I was about 160lbs).  I was set on the Beco until I started seeing more on this board about other brands.  I thought I loved the Boba until I heard about the Kinderpack & Tula.  Since I like the look of Boba I started looking into them and noticed they have like 3 different versions!!  The Air, G2, G3... so now I'm even more confused.

I live in the city and have a 3yo that most likely will be in a buggy while I carry baby when we walk to park, playdates, etc.  I will not be hiking or going on long trips with it, but I would like it to hold up well.  I usually try to carry them until about 24 months.  Please let me know which carrier would be best. TIA

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