ID twin moms-growth discrepancy concern?

Long story short:  I work in a hospital 60 miles from where DH and I live so we're seeing an OB closer to home but I wanted to have an appt with an OB at the hospital where I work just to establish with someone there in case something happened while I was working.  That appt was today. 

Good news:  Twins are definitely mono/di so I'm relived to not have to worry about mono/mono

Potentially bad news:  U/S tech and OB seemed concerned about growth discrepancy between twins.  At 11w5d U/S baby A measured 12w3d and baby B measured right on track at 11w5d.  Today I'm 13w1d and baby A is measuring 13weeks and 3 or 4 days (can't remember exactly) and baby B measuring 12weeks 5 days.  The tech also mentioned something about the fluid level on Baby B being lower.  This OB knows I won't be going there for care but recommend I see a MFM there before I see my regular OB near home on May 6th.  I guess I just feel like it's maybe a little early for them to already be worrying about a growth discrepancy?  I just felt like the whole appt left me anxious and in a panic, didn't help DH wasn't there because he was working. 

 Anyone have experience with this?  My OB's office close to home had me do an initial visit at 10 weeks then next appt is at 16 weeks and I was told that any growth concerns wouldn't likely come up until then at the earliest.  When did your OB start looking at growth discrepancy/TTTS as a possible complication?  

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Re: ID twin moms-growth discrepancy concern?

  • I am 13w with mono/do.  Definitely you should see an mfm.  I will be seeing mine every 3 weeks at first, and then more so towards the end, in addition to my regular OB visits, even though they don't see any growth discrepancies yet, it c


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  • Were they doing crown to rump measurements or measuring bones, abdomen and head?

    It sounds like they are growing at about the same rate and SOME growth discordance can be normal.  I think that early in pregnancy it's within 5-7 days of each

  • Thanks for the replies.  I believe they were just doing crown-rump length at today's U/S.  I put a call into my OB's office and his nurse called me back and said that per my OB a 4-5 day difference at this point is not concerning.  I'll see
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  • Our story is a little complicated so I'll try to be brief.

    We were also told mono mono then mono di. Initially we had monthly scans, now they are weekly due to other complications. At our scan last week, almost 23w, the MFM mentioned more
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  • Mine were measuring almost right together until about 3 weeks ago. You should be seeing a mfm, because they will take many different measurements and average them. Mine are 13 different but the mfm said that they don't start to worry until its closer to 2
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  • I started seeing the MFM because I wanted to at 13 weeks. At the time, my regular OB didn't plan to refer me until 20 weeks. They are also mono di. I saw him every week starting at 16 weeks for TTTS checks, which is when it starts. That growth discrepanc
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  • Growth discordance and NT measurement differences at 12 weeks were what put us on watch for TTTS.  I didn't have another ultrasound until 18 weeks and we probably should have done something sooner.  It may mean nothing, or it may be a solid i

  • Def. echo PP support of seeing an MFM regularly. I literally would not be here today if it wasn't for my brilliant MFM. ANYWAY-- my ID girls had growth differences, but more toward the end of my pregnancy. (26-32 weeks). My MFM was very clear to me that O
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  • Just in case you needed someone to say it, lol, you should definitely be seeing an MFM with mono/dis. I started seeing mine at 17 boys' growth discordance was discovered at 15 weeks. For the duration of the pregnancy they wavered between 10 an
  • We didn't start looking at growth discrepancies until 17 weeks. Our mono/di girls have been measuring 2 weeks apart from about 17 weeks. Their fluids are completely different as well. We actually went to Philly (which is a plane ride away) for tests to
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