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TMI. What does it mean?

I am turning into one of those irrational super pregnant ladies that wants everything to be a sign of imminent labour.  This is also super TMI, so I apologize in advance.  Feel free to click out of this post!

My OB checked me yesterday and "stretched" my cervix.  She said I would have some spotting, which I did (very little). 

Immediately after the check, I lost what must have been the rest of my mucus plug, because it was a massive amount all at once, but no blood.

All day today I have been losing large amounts of brownish bloody mucus.. do think this is all just because of the check?  Or maybe a sign of more dilation?  Bloody show?

Obviously no one can tell me when I will go into labour, but I just wish it was more predictable or there were more concrete signs.  The anticipation is causing me to go a little crazy!  Anyone else feeling this way?

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Re: TMI. What does it mean?

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