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gifts for daycare teachers?

LO just started daycare, I"m a FTM and I'm wondering what the norms are as far as gifts for daycare teachers are around the holidays. I know christmass is a ways off but mother's day is comming up. I know LO's two teachers both have children. Do I get them something small from her? What holidays should I be looking out for, is there such thing as teacher's day?

Update:Thanks for the helpful info! I had something in LO's cubbie yesterday when I picked her up about teacher appreciation week that is comming up. Your ideas will put to use soon.

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Re: gifts for daycare teachers?

  • I always do target gift cards $20 each that way they can buy whatever they want. DD has 2 Teachers and I always include the Director. I also bring snacks and drinks for them sometimes or order pizza, in this case I bring enough for all the Teachers which
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  • I just do Christmas for individual teachers.  I do get the entire staff something every once in a while.  DD just took in 2 dozen donut holes for the staff from her favorite donut shop as a thank you.  She had been having some really r
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  • I'm a home daycare provider, my clients each got me VERY generous Christmas presents ($100 Amazon gift card, $40 to local restaurants, and lots of gifts for DD) I was almost a little uncomfortable with the gifts. I think a small gift card to target lik

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  • I do Christmas gifts and try to limit it to $15 per teacher since we have a lot to buy. 

    I'm not sure why you'd buy a mother's day present from lo to their teacher.  That seems odd to me. 


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  • You're
    I wouldn't get them a gift for Mother's Day.  However Teacher appreciation month is May, so there may be something set up by your DCP for that. Our's is celebrating it this week (early) we gave flowers to teachers yesterda

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  • The only thing we buy for is Christmas.  Each teacher gets something like nice chocolates and a $25 GC for Target/Walmart/whatever.  DS just moved from the 2 year olds to the 3 year olds. We really liked his 2 year old teacher, and we just wrote

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  • we typically do something for their birthday and the holidays.  I might do something little for valentines day too, and then something for teacher appreciation week.  I don't do anything for mother's day - I'm the mother not them. 
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  • I don't think you need to do anything for Mother's Day.  We do Christmas gifts for the individual teachers.  And if the school has a teacher appreciation week, we'll kick in for that.

    If they need a volunteer or a snack for a party, I

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  • We go to a large center.  For the head teachers, we do $20 g.c. to a store for Christmas and their birthdays.  For Christmas we give the "floating" teachers (who fill in during lunch, etc) $10 g.c. and the director and co-director some candy.&nb



  • Christmas, Valentine's Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, and End of the Year
  • I wouldn't do mother's day either b/c even though it sounds like it does apply in your situation, there could be a situation where one teacher is a mom & the other isnt? It is an odd holiday to 'give' for if you're not family or close friends IMO.<

  • Something for mothers day seems odd to me.

    We did $25 target gc and candy for Christmas for each teacher (5). For valentines day, donuts and this week was teacher appreciation week so I gave them each a nice candle.  I try to bring things in

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  • We have the lead teacher and assistant $25 Visa gc's for Christmas.  We're moving and switching daycares at the beginning of may so I think we're going to do Starbucks gc's and a nice thank you note.  I absolutely adore both the teachers in t


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  • We only give gifts for Christmas. Usually a gift card and a small gift. Oh, we gave her a book for Valentine's Day this year--just a Pooh book for the daycare (each kiddo got a Pooh color book, DCP got a Pooh story book)
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  • jefkjefk
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    I worked in daycare for years before moving to a public school, and I will tell you that ANY gift is appreciated!  That being said, wine and cash/gift cards were always appreciated, and I got gifts at Christmas and end of the year.  The random s
  • Major gift is at Christmas - $100 cash per teacher  for four teachers.  We are in the New Yor / New Jersey area and this amount is not a lot in this area.  Plus, I really feel like - even if I have to sacrifice some personal shoppin

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    I worked in daycare for years before moving to a public school, and I will tell you that ANY gift is appreciated!  
  • I'm a FTM too.  For Christmas I ordered them a tin of cookies from a cookie website (Cheryl's Cookies).  DS has 2 main teachers but different ones fluctuated throughout the week and I didn't want to leave anyone out.

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  • image leah2b:

    Major gift is at Christmas - $100 cash per teacher  for four teachers.  We are in the New Yor / New

  • We do gifts at Christmas/Holidays (normally a GC to Target for each teacher) and cofffee/donuts/muffins and at Teacher Appreciation we will do flowers/plant/chocolates and a small GC to Target/Starbucks etc.

    I did small gifts at the end of the

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  • Christmas - target gift card that equals one day of pay

    Birthday - card

    Valentines day - she does something for all of the kids so, I bring her kids small valentines.

    During the year if she mentions that she needs something or is loo

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  • We mainly just do Christmas for teachers, although I might do baked goods or something at Valentine's Day or another smaller holiday. I think teacher appreciation week might be coming up soon; this reminds me to check into it.
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