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I'm only 5w but I'm already starting to look into having a home birth.  I live in the suburbs of NYC (one of the most expensive regions in the US) and I'm wondering how much this will cost us.  Can you tell me how much your MW cost, what it entailed, and where you're from?

Thank you!

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Re: Home Birth Costs

  • My homebirth CNM cost $5000 plus the purchase of a birth kit (around $60).  It included all prenatal visits (weeks, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, IIRC), the birth (including the tub), and postpartum care (visit at 24 hr, 3 day

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  • I live in rural East Texas, so my costs are going to be a LOT cheaper than yours. My midwife charges $2500 for a home birth. This includes all prenatal visits and basic testing (CBC, GD screening, and GBS testing). Any other tests or ultrasounds are extra
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  • Atlanta and it is 2800. It covers all prenatal and post partum care and obviously the birth. It does not include ultrasound, birth kit, initial labs, or any herbs or supplements.

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  • 3500. That covered my prenatal appointments, delivery, the pool, and post partum care. I think I paid an extra 250 for homebirth supplies.

    Edit: I''m in the Chicago suburbs if that helps. 

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  • Ours was $4700 for all prenatal care, delivery, and post-natal care- we live in Los Angeles, which is also one of the most expensive regions in the US. They gave us $50 off for paying in cash/checks only (no cards) and $50 off for each visit you've had

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  • Mine in Seattle will be $3500 for prenatal, delivery and post partum, plus pool rental for about $100 and a $30 birth kit. Blood work was extra and billed right to me ($200 for initial blood work at an uninsured discounted rate, and then I'll get bloodwor

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  • I am in Florida (Tampa area) and my homebirth CNM charges $6000 for all prenatal, delivery and postpartum visits, including the cost of her birth assistant. If you pay in full by your second appointment, she reduces the fee to $5200, which is what we did,
  • I interviewed a midwife this week and we are looking at 50005500 depending on if we do it at home or st the birthing center.
  • Live in AZ here.  My MW was $2500.  That included all prenatal visits and postpartum visits (24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, 3 weeks and 6 weeks).  We also had a doula ($350) and a birthing pool ($175).  Vitamin K shot (and eye ointment

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  • I just asked a friend who lives in Queens and she paid about $6500 total for prenatal, labor, delivery, and postpartum care.  She also bought her own tub (the midwife could provide one but she thought the idea of a used tub was gross), and also paid

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