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6 week preg! Nervous!

Hi! New to the site. This is my second pregnancy, my first ended in a miscarriage so I'm extremely nervous! I'm due Dec 13. Have an appt on Monday for first ultrasound since my previous history. I've had a lot of headaches, some backache and lots of bloating. Not so much nausea and my boobs don't hurt, is that a bad sign?? I want all the symptoms, I want this baby! Thx!


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Re: 6 week preg! Nervous!

  • Congratulations! I know exactly how u feel. My first pregnancy was a M/C too. I am now pregnant again 6w 3d. Try to stay positive and not stress too much. Everyone is different when it comes to symptoms. Good luck and I hope this will be your take home ba
  • It is NOT a bad sign that you aren't nauseous yet and you're hurting in different areas.  Every person is different, and every pregnancy for each person is different.  This is my second pregnancy (Due Dec. 16) and by now with my first I was naus
  • That's my due date, yay us! I miscarried also several months ago, this is my first so I'm also nervous! My boobs are killing me and I'm exhausted, but no nausea yet. Good luck!!! :
  • Congratulations and welcome.  Some, all, or no symptoms is normal.

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