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Early ultrasound for gender determination... good idea?

All was well at my 12 week appointment today, and the doctor told me I would be back again for a routine check at 16 weeks and then the next ultrasound would be at 20 weeks. Then we had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: How would you feel about me going to one of those 3D ultrasound places at 15 weeks for a gender determination?

Dr: I am strongly opposed to that. They are going to make you sign a bunch of paperwork stating that they will not tell you if anything is wrong with the baby. They will just tell you the gender. So that ultrasound tech could be looking at something wrong with the baby, and then not tell you about it. Which I understand they have to do that to protect themselves, but the whole reason you will have your next ultrasound is to check anatomy-- not really gender. That's just a plus. Your insurance company does not pay for that ultrasound to tell you the gender. It's for anatomy. 

Me: I understand. But they are not a doctor's office.  I would not want them to tell me if something is wrong with the baby. They are not my doctor. I simply just want them to tell me the sex of the baby. And even if there were something wrong, if I don't go, I still won't know if something is wrong until 20 weeks when you do the ultrasound. So what difference would it really make as long as the extra ultrasound doesn't hurt the baby.

Dr: I still wouldnt do it, but you do what you want.

 Yikes! Maybe I just should not have asked and just gone ahead and done it. What would you all do? I see her point she is making, but either way I won't know if something is wrong with the baby until 20 weeks, whether I go to the 15 week gender determination appointment or not. This would just simply be to find out the sex. Plus, sometimes they are wrong. I thought by doing this 15 week appointment, and then confirming the sex at 20 week appointment would be a good thing before I start decorating "all boy" or "all girl."



Re: Early ultrasound for gender determination... good idea?

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