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Road Trip tips?

My DS and I are taking a road trip tomorrow to visit family. We will most likely be driving for 3-4 hours. He's FF so I plan on packing bottles ready to mix and I'm packing everything I can think of that he might need. Any tips for anyone who has done this with their LOs?

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Re: Road Trip tips?

  • I recently took a 5 1/2 trip with my two month old baby.   I pre filled bottles with the right amount of water so all I had to do was add formula and shake.

     I hate going to the restroom at rest stops (so dirty) so I also created a lit

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  • Will you be the one driving?

    We drove 10 hours to Canada when DS1 was 12 weeks old.  I sat in the backseat with him and just pumped while we were driving.  Then I could feed him a bottle while he was in his car seat.  We only stopp

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  • How long does your LO sleep between feedings? If he sleeps 3 hours, then drive the whole time.  If he sleeps two hours, then try to stop and take him out of his carseat.  I drove to Ohio two weekends ago with my son, (then 5 weeks) and he did

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    Will you be the one driving?

    We drove 10 hours to Canada when DS1 was 12 weeks old.  I

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  • I just took a trip by myself with LO and the dog!  It was a 7.5 hour drive, we stopped only twice for her to feed.  I had the car packed the night before, when she woke up in the morning I fed her and got her in the carseat and off we went.&nbsp
  • I drove to a horse last weekend 3hours away and my lo slept the whole way there. I also used the back of my SUV as my changing station. I left early in the morning so left ds in what he had been sleeping in and the diapers we use for night time just in

  • Lo and I did a 14 hr drive when she was just shy of a month and the thing that really helped us was just making sure we took her out to feed her, and gave her breaks from the seat. At which time we excercised her legs and arms, or played with her so sh

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