Freezer question. son is still in the nicu so I'm constantly pumping. I had to buy another freezer for the garage to keep my milk in because our freezer was getting ridiculously full. It's a regular fridge freezer but its strictly milk in the freezer and we only get into it a couple days a week to put milk in it. The LC at the hospital told me its only good for 6 months in there because it's not a deep freeze. She said they say six months in a regular freezer because you open it all the time. But I don't open this all the time so do you think it will be good for 12 months like a deep freeze? I tried explaining this to her and I don't think she was getting it.

Re: Freezer question.

  • I would just try to rotate your stash so none of it is older than 6 months....
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  • image theresat858:
    I would just try to rotate your stash so none of it is older than 6 months....

    I have
  • You could see about donating some or backing down to pumping about 30 oz a day.  We had a preemie and after I had a few hundred ounces I realized pumping to about 30 oz a day was more than enough. Ds is now almost 9 months are rarely eats more than 2
  • Your lo will start to eat more so I'd keep pumping the way you are for awhile longer. I understand what you mean by the door opening, once lo starts going to dc (if they are), you should start rotating your stash so your freezer milk is never older tha

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  • Thanks guys! I just wasn't sure if he would catch up with me. Right now he is getting fresh milk and I'm trying to give him the boob..
  • I had a regular freezer like that for DS1. I had it set on coldest setting and opened it once every couple of days to rotate milk only. I used milk up to 9-10 months old without a problem.
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