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Gemma Marie is here!!(long) PIP

We are so excited to have her here.. she was born April 12, 2013 at 8:27am 6 lbs 5.8 oz 17 in long... i was 38w 6d

We had a scheduled c-section for the 12th.. i had an dr apt on the 11th and my bp was high and my feet very swollen and having contractions.. so they told me that they would have probably induced me if she wouldnt have been breech.. but anyway..

it was very hard for me to sleep the night before.. but we got up at 330 and got things ready and we had already packed the car before we went to sleep.. we got on the road by 5 and headed to the hosp and got there at 6.. they had the bed and everything ready for me when i got there.. i was very nervous but had very good nurses!! i asked about getting the cath until we got back there but had to put it in 30 min before they took me back.. they hooked up the iv and gave me fluids and meds.. i went back at 8:03 got the spinal and layed down.. they had my husband come in at 8:16 and she was out by 8:27.. i of course was crying by the time they said her legs were out!! but they had some trouble getting her out so she has some bruising on her face.. i was out by 8:53 and got to hold her by 9:15.. she does have a set of lungs on her though.. lol.. she has done really good latching on.. so good my milk started coming in on day 2!! she did have some jaundice but it is now out of the danger zone.. i have already went to get out my staples and it just felt like someone pluking a hair from my stomach.. she didnt loose much weight at all at the dr apt she weighed 6lb 4oz and then the next day was at birth weight!!! she has had some fussy nights and me crying cuz i have done everything that i know to do.. but i am making it and my DH is doing such a great job!! she is perfect!!


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Re: Gemma Marie is here!!(long) PIP

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