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LO does not seem to want to sleep!

LO is 3 weeks old and barely had 2 naps today both of which were only about an hour then another 45 minute one this evening. Now I'm trying to put her down for the night. Fed her and she seemed to start to fall asleep, but now she's wide awake. I thought newborns were supposed to sleep like 18 hours a day?? She only sleeps about an hour or two at a time at night and eats at least every two hours. What is going on? Is this normal?
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Re: LO does not seem to want to sleep!

  • Sounds like your NB is working on a growth spurt.
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  • My LO was the same way.  All I kept reading was that newborns sleep all day, it was so frustrating.  He eventually grew out of it.  We started a bedtime routine, and he started sleeping through the night at 9 weeks.  He still isn't

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  • My newborn does want to sleep all day but then wants to party all night which isn't ideal either...
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  • My DD just turned 6 weeks and she started doing the same thing about a week ago. She would end up so tired by the end of the day that she would start screaming - sometimes for an hour or two. It was so frustrating for us because the more she screamed,

  • Babies don't just fall asleep on their own if they're tired, I discovered with baby 1. They need help getting there. Take LO in a dark quiet room, turn on some white noise, and swaddle them. At this age, baby shouldn't be awake longer than an hour between
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  • Mine is the same way. He's been very alert since birth, so I think that's just how he is. For example, today he slept from 10 to 12:30 and then didn't go to sleep again until 10:30 tonight. One nap and that was it until bedtime. I have tried the dark,
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  • image kielpinskim:
    Babies don't just fall asleep on their own if they're tired, I discovered with baby 1. They need help getting the

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  • My LO is a crappy napper but excellent night sleeper...

    What I do is let her stay up for 45 min to 1 hr at a time or until she gives me tired cues. Then I either put her in the baby carrier or I swaddle her and place her on my chest or in the
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  • After I posted this, LO had her best night since birth. She slept from 107 and was up just twice for feedings a third at 7. So I guess her daytime awareness paid off!
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  • Mine did this around 3-4 weeks old. Was told it was a growth spurt & it would get better in a few days & it actually did. Google "growth spurts for infants" - lots of good info & lets you know what to expect.
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  • An overtired baby you pretty much need to put to sleep (5 S's) or they can literally be awake crying for hours.  The first sign of sleepiness is when the easy to go to sleep window opens, and if you miss it your job just gets harder as time goes on.
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