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ER visit - insurance denied

Came home to rather unpleasant news tonight - got slapped with a hefty bill ($1800) for a recent ER visit. I caught a stomach virus and was having severe vomiting (not just normal m/s) and called my doctor after I couldn't even keep down fluids, and she instructed me to go to the ER. They simply gave me an IV of fluids. No other procedures.

Now begins the first of what will surely be many calls to fight my insurance company. Sigh. Has this happened to anyone else before? Damn BCBS.

Re: ER visit - insurance denied

  • whiskey tango foxtrot. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. 

    Why can't insurance companies just effing pay claims already?

    Was the ER you visited out of your insu

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  • Hmm that seems strange...are you sure the ER billed your insurance even?
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  • image andy711:
    Hmm that seems strange...are you sure the ER billed your insurance even?

    I agree. Unfortunat

  • You may want to give the hospitals billing department a call. I had a similar situation were I got a bill for over $1000 but when I called the hospital it was only $100 (copayment). Turns out that the bill was mailed before BCBS submitted payment.&nbsp

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  • image MrsMooney:
    I got one for about 1900 when I was pregnant with DD. I started bleeding at 10 weeks and went to get checked. Waite
  • image ChemicalBlonde99:

    You may want to give the hospitals billing department a call. I had a similar situation were I got a bill fo

  • Do you have a deductible to meet? Often times you can have to pay the bulk of the bill until you hit that.

    Also I have leaned that visits like that that are 'not routine' arent well covered! It's all about the billing code!
  • Call call call...

    I've had my fair share of insurance crap over the past year. Call your insurance to make sure the hospital billed it correctly, and that the hospital is in network and then call the hospital.  Document every single time you

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  • BCBS sucks!!! I got the same thing yesterday!  I dislocated my rib a few weeks ago throwing up, my OB said to go to ER, They treated me and let me go after about 2 h with some meds...BCBS says they "will only pay if I was admitted"  WTF? , so th
  • From what I understand, the Affordable Care Act says that all insurance companies must cover emergency care that a "prudent layperson, acting reasonably" would consider an emergency. I think any person, even if they weren't a doctor, would have conside

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  • I have BCBS. Our benefits state that we have to call within 48 hours of an emergency room visit. My husband is a carpenter and our insurance is through his union so I don't know if that makes a difference.
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  • Ditto to all the pp's recommending you to call!
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  • After you talk to insurance call the hospital too they have to let you do a payment plan. A couple years ago i got a monster bill and they let me pay it off like 50 a month.
  • My H and I have unfortunately become professional insurance fighters.

    Call and keep calling until you get answers. My H found that the best way to resolve one of my bills is to have the hospital billing department on a conference call with hi
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  • I work for insurance (not BCBS) and unfortunately, there are a lot of ppl who will go to the ER for cold symptoms, which is completely unnecessary. These ppl who abuse ER's cause the cost to increase dramatically for everyone because they're using spec


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  • AnjaOAnjaO
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    I deal with insurance companies for my job.  I would say 95% of cases like this are because the provider didn't bill insurance properly (like they had your number wrong or something; when this happens at my office, I investigate it and deal with the

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