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Luke Henry is Here! Birth Story with PIP

I originally had a repeat c-section scheduled for Friday, April 12th, but Luke had other plans. After having irregular contractions for a few days, I started having strong contractions around 1 am on Monday morning (April 8th). With each contraction, I either had to vomit, had diarrhea, or both so I knew I was going into labor. After trying to sleep for a while longer, I took a shower, got DD ready for daycare, and called my OB when the office opened at 8:30. The nurse told me to go ahead and go to the hospital even though my contractions were not very consistent at that point. DH packed my bag in the car, loaded up DD, and we were on our way! Here is my last bump shot taken as we were getting ready to walk out the door (39 weeks exactly).


And one with DD.


After dropping DD at daycare, we arrived at the hospital around 10 am where I was immediately taken back for monitoring.


After a few minutes on the monitors, the nurse contacted my OB who decided it was baby day! The nurses quickly rushed around and got me prepped for surgery. Everything went really fast and I was in the OR and ready to go by noon. They had a little trouble placing the spinal block and had to stick me three times, but I didn't feel any of it after the initial numbing meds they used.


Luke Henry was born at 12:23 pm weighing 7 lbs, 14 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.




DH went with Luke to the transitional nursery while I was in recovery. Once I got into my postpartum room, Luke was brought in from the nursery. He stayed in my room during the day and spent the night in the nursery since I decided to FF from the start.

DSC_0482 DSC_0493

Tuesday, April 9th - My Birthday!


Real clothes


DH brought me a birthday meal from The Cheesecake Factory (also my first PP meal since I was on a liquid diet for 24 hours following my cs) DSC_0520

DD came to see us on Tuesday evening. She wasn't sure what to think of Luke at first, but warmed up quickly and kept pointing him out to everyone else and saying "Baby".



And some more because I am a total AW! DSC_0626 {48d70cfb-1efa-44a9-8223-5dd0e4652fd2}_4 DSC_0576

Ready to go home.



Finally home on Thurday afternoon.

 DSC_0668 DSC_0686 DSC_0702

Luke has been a very easy baby so far and I am really hoping it continues! I had a lot more pain in the first few days following this csection compared to my DD's birth, but I have felt so much better since being home. I have had a little swelling but dodged the uncontrollable swelling I had with DD and that has made a huge difference in my recovery. I have even been out to eat, to the mall, and to Target a few times since coming home. My mom is here helping since DH is back at work and I can't lift DD or drive.


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