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When I'm not preggers anymore....

For those of us who are still preggers, I'm sure we are all to the point of "Just get this baby outta here already!" I have loved being pregnant and I know I will miss having my LO all to myself. And I simply cannot wait to meet my little guy and kiss and hold him......However....

1) I look forward to getting up off the couch without looking like a beached whale

2) I want to paint my own toenails again now that is time for sandals

3) DH and I look forward to getting back to our pre-pregger sex life....at least this is what Im telling myself. STM may say Im dilusional!

4) I'd like to go more than hour without feeling like a toddler who will pee her pants if she doesnt get to a bathroom asap!

5) I want to sleep without feeling like I've been hit by a truck.....STM am I being dilusional again?

6) I want to be able to see my nether regions again without using a mirror!

7) Anyone else wanna add? I'm sure this could get pretty funny!!


Re: When I'm not preggers anymore....

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