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Flying with Baby - advice needed!

FTM here!  We plan to fly with DS sometime late next month to see my parents.  DH will fly there with us but DS and I will fly back by ourselves. I need to bring my car seat with us.

What kind of gear do I bring?  What gets checked and what is carried on?  What kind of paperwork do I need (birth certificate)?  Any other advice?

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Re: Flying with Baby - advice needed!

  • Your stroller and car seat (if you are not buying a seat) can be checked (usually for free, but check the airlines website to be sure). I recommend having something for the baby to eat or at least suck on at take off and landing to prevent pain in his

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  • We are flying with our LO in June. She will be 4 months. We are buying her a seat so we are bringing her car seat on the plane. Not bringing a stroller because we will have one to use where we are going. But I heard most airlines let you check them for fr
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  • My son was just over a week old when he flew for the first time (crazy circumstances) I recommend carrying a back pack, its a lot easier to carry the baby without a bag on your shoulder, and they let us take the stroller and the carseat to the gate and we
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    My 7 month old flew for the first time at five weeks.  We had sent her passport away thinking I would fly from Florida to my families home town in Canada when she was 9 weeks.  The day we got her passport, a good childhood friend of mine was

  • I bf'd my LO during landing or takeoff or had him sucking on paci. At that age, he slept most of the way. I also suggest gate checking stroller and carseat, then you get them back right away. The other option and having a carrier but I found it easier

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