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Leaving LO Unsupervised?

Do you leave LO unsupervised anywhere other than their crib?

I told SIL I let DS watch TV alone while I shower and she just about flipped out.

Now before I get flamed, he is in a baby proof room, no access to anywhere else besides that room and my bedroom with the master bathroom where I am at, which is also baby proofed.

I try to shower and get ready when he naps, but sometimes he decides he doesn?t need his nap, so I will put the TV on, give him a few toys, leave the bathroom door open (we have glass shower doors) and take a quick 5-10 minute shower. DS will usually stay in my room and keep an eye on me while he plays with his toys in my room, but as I am getting ready (20 minutes max if I put on make-up and do my hair) he usually leaves to watch TV.

(He only watches about 30 minutes total a day?otherwise I would never be able to shower or change his diapers. He has to be distracted during diaper changes otherwise there is a lot of screaming and flinging himself around, unfastened dirty diaper included)

Anyway, he goes back and forth every few minutes to make sure I am still there, and I go and check on him every few minutes. The rooms are literally connected, so I am never more than a few feet away.

So, tell the truth?does this make me a bad parent? Do you ever leave LO alone?

Re: Leaving LO Unsupervised?

  • I would never be able to get anything done if Caroline wasn't alone sometimes.  We have baby proofed the house and she is like your LO where she comes and checks on me every few minutes.  Our washer/dryer are in the garage.  I would rather
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  • If I had a room that was totally child proof adjacent to my shower I would absolutely do this, and in fact did this with DDs.  With the addition of DS, our house is too small and there is "stuff" in places where before there was not (like the crib

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  • I probably wouldn't do something like shower with LO unsupervised... although, we haven't really babyproofed at all.  I'll wash dishes, prepare supper, things like that, but always something I can immediately stop.  If you're comfortable with it


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  • The most time I have left her alone not in the crib is one minute. My house is baby safe but not 100 percent baby proof so I could never leave her alone

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  • I can't shower like you do, because we have a shower curtain and she would spend the whole time trying to climb in. But if I could, I would! Nothing wrong with a little alone time in a babyproofed space. I do cook dinner while she plays alone, often ou

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  • We set up a camera in the playroom (which is babyproofed), so I can close her in that room (we have a gate) and take the monitor in the bathroom with me while I take a quick shower.  I peek out periodically to check on her. 



  • Ian has free reign of the house!  I shower while he's just playing all the time.  I clean while he's playing.  If I didn't leave him "unattended" I'd never get anything done!  And I can't corral him in his crib, he'd lose his mind.&nbs

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  • Oh god no. But that's because of the layout of my house. I live in a trilevel. My shower is upstairs, and we hang out on the middle floor.
    I wouldn't be able to see him.
    If I could see him from the shower and everything was baby proofed that'
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  • I do, but DH totally spazzes out when I let DD play by herself.  Most of the house is babyproofed, but I can close the doors to the rooms that aren't (like DH's office.)  I think it's totally fine and probably healthy for toddlers to entertai

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  • Yep-I let Landon roam around the bedroom connected to our bathroom since it is baby proofed.  I just shut the door to the closet, make sure all the cabinets are locked, and let him go.  Most of the time he stands by the shower and looks at me (y
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  • I do that with Eli. His bedroom is next to the bathroom so I'll block off the rooms so he only has access to the two and I'll get a quick shower. When I'm not showering, he pretty much has free reign to explore. I just make sure the rooms he's not allowed
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  • No, never. My kid is pretty mischievious so if I take my eyes off of him for one second, he hurts himself. I do cook while he plays in the living room but we have an open concept living space so although I'm not in the room, I can see him.

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  • I'm with the PP who said if LO wasn't left unsupervised, nothing would get done. He has free reign most of the time, but usually stays where his toys are. We check in with each other every few minutes. The only room that is completely baby proof is his ro
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  • Cooper loves to just roam around on his own. He is unsupervised alot actually. Our whole house is Cooper proof. If we are in the living room playing, theres a good chance that he will get bored and leave to go play in his room. And we let him. When I cook
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  • If you're a bad parent so am I! I shower while ds is awake and in his play room. Its baby proofed and I can see him at all times from the shower! Most of the time he plays and then calls for me, I look out the shower curtain and I can see everything he's
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  • I do the same as you, OP. He's corralled into the living room, which is totally babyproofed. He can't go anywhere. 
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