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Pregnant with twins?


My history of infertility goes back as far as 7 years. We finally made the decision to try IVF last Dec. we were gutted to learn that after a double egg transfer the process was not a success for us!
We came to the conclusion we just were not meant to have any babies of our own.
8 weeks passed since the failed cycle and my period was late... I thought nothing of it, the next few days I was feeling extremely nauseous and so reluctantly bought a test and it was positive!!!!
This week I had a early scan as my right hand side ovary was causing alot of pain and the doctor feared it was ectopic!! The sonograher gasped and told us we were pregnant with twins!!!!
Miracles happen....!! Is there anyone else who is pregnant with twins at the moment? Or conceived naturally after a failed IVF cycle?

Kerry x

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