Twins. No, there's triplets!!!! Emotional day.

So today I had my 12week ultrasound. I knew I was having di/di twins before this u/s. 

Went into the doctors room and had a physical and then a quick u/s. She first did an external exam that showed the di/di twins looking awesome and hearts beating strong. Then in one of the sacs we noticed another baby, looking smaller and not moving from what we could see on the poor u/s machine. So she ordered me an u/s with a specialist. 

In leaving that doctor she said she thought that baby C may have stopped developing, if it even was a baby.

The u/s with the specialist showed 3 babies. I laid on that bed for over an hour while she probed me. (For some reason all of this was so emotional) the ups and down of 'its three" "no, it's just two, that ones not alive".....

What we saw was the babies sharing a sac (B&C) looked like movement but she wasn't sure if it was baby B pushing around baby C. So she did an internal and after sitting and watching, noticed baby C was moving by his/herself but was no where near as wiggly as the other two babies. Also another concern was how she couldnt read baby C  heart rate. You could slightly see it flickering but not enough to pick up. And she said she just couldn't get the right angle on it to pick it up so that could be the problem. This baby C was also measuring a week behind its siblings. 

All this to say that I would SO appreciate it if you would send thoughts and prayers to me and this third baby.

 Thank you SO much!!! 


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Re: Twins. No, there's triplets!!!! Emotional day.

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