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I feel like a failure

I officially stopped pumping today, which means LO will be EFF.  I was only getting about 8-12 ounces a day and it was slowly going down and down.  It was just too much work for little result.  I just feel bad because I had this imagine in my head before he was born of EBF and being amazing at it and doing it until he was 1... and here we are six weeks in and it didn't go at all how I planned.  I know it's important that LO is healthy and that's all that matters, but I'm still bummed out.  And I hate how the first thing people ask you is "are you breastfeeding", and I feel like they are judging me when I say no and like I have to explain myself to them which is ridiculous! I know Jack will be just fine, I was EFF and I'm fine, but it's just hard to give up that image I had in my head! 
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Re: I feel like a failure

  • It's ok, don't beat yourself up. I guess I should take my own advice because I beat myself up for awhile too...but I only lasted 10 days before I gave up. I thought people were gonna judge me too, but a lot of people that have asked if I was BF and I said
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  • Don't feel bad. The important things are for your LO to get fed and that mom and baby are happy. I don't know why so many people do ask about BFing. To me, it is such a personal decision and seems overly intrusive to ask, although the PP is right that
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  • Don't beat yourself up. You did the best you could and your LO has been lucky to be getting breast milk all that time. It is very tough and painful to EP and if it means your quality of life will go up and you can be a better happier mom then it is 100 wo
  • Hey, you did your best. Anyone who feels like they can judge you - well, that's their problem!
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  • Good for you for going so long! You should be proud to know you've done the best for your LO. It's so much more important for your child to have a happy mom than BM. I quit EPing after 3 weeks. I totally know what u mean about people asking and then feeli
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  • Ditto everyone else!

    I wasn't pumping exclusively but I quit after a month. Like you, I wasn't getting much and that's a lot of worth for such a little bit of result.

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  • I am in the same boat! I only get 10-12oz a day and have tried everything. I have thought about quitting several times and am surprised I have gone 6 weeks. I was an EFF baby and I turned out great!! I don't know why there is so much pressure to B

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    I am in the same boat! I only get 1012oz a day and have tried everything. I have thought about quitting several times and
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  • I gave up pumping after a month using the hospital grade pump.  I was only able to get about 2-3 oz. after 6-8x pumping!!!  UGH!  Now I'm just BF and supplementing with formula. He only gets about an ounce per feeding but I'm going to try t


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  • I never had good supply - I think I had one time pumping where I got 3 oz and it dropped off I get almost nothing and really should just give up. I have given DD formula from almost day 1 and she seems healthy and happy. I think there a
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  • Don't beat yourself up about it! Your main priority is to make sure your LO is getting the proper nourishment so forget what others have to say. Folks are gonna always have something to say so I would just ignore them.
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