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What a wild ride!

After 9 long stressful months, baby Raelyn finally arrived Sunday night! I went into labor and delivery Saturday with contractions and was sent back home because they were sure that I wasn't going to enter active labor for hours or a day. Not even 5 minutes after getting out of the car, my water broke and I had to go back down. With all of the complications I had through out my pregnancy, I wasn't surprised that her birth was also difficult. About 14 hours in, I stopped progressing, so they had to give me pitosin. Shortly after they gave it to me, I had a contraction that wouldn't end. It lasted over 5 minutes and started causing my baby's heart rate to drop rapidly. They even started prepping me for an emergency c section. Luckily, my Dr. was able to give me an injection of something that stopped the contraction and baby's heart rate came back up. Then, about 26 hours into labor, right when it was time to push, baby's heart rate started to drop again. She was delivered 8 minutes later with the help of forceps. It might have been a rough pregnancy and rough delivery, but now when I see my daughter, none of that seems to matter.
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