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Heart Attack due to preganancy..Anyone else?

I had a heart attack 3 months post partum when a blood clot blocked an artery in my heart. They are assuming this is because of my pregnancy and the fact that your blood clots so much more easily in the 6 months following delivery. I had a catheterization and they found no plaque or other heart disease, just this blood clot in a small artery. Thank goodness that it did not cause any damage to my heart, but I am now on blood thinners and a lot of other medications to keep this from happening again.


Has anyone else had this happen or ever even hear of this happening? I feel very alone and even my cardiologist has only ever seen this once in 20 years. I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and how they are being treated. THANKS!


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Re: Heart Attack due to preganancy..Anyone else?

  • Wow...thank GOD you're alright !!!!! 

     I haven't heard of it BUT I have been having heart palpitations badly and my heart now skips a beat so I'm to go to the cardiologist but I my new health insurance doesn't kick in until Ma

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  • My cousin had a blood clot right after her second from her last pregnancy. It went from her leg to her stomach and eventually she had to have surgery to remove it because it caused some other issues that lead stomach acid to leak out of the side of her

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  • A gal I know had a problem with a blood clot right after giving birth and needed emergency surgery. She can't have anymore kids now :(

    I'm sorry you went through that but luckily you are ok!

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  • I received blood thinner shots once a day for 3 days after delivery.  They said it's to prevent blood clots which are common after delivery.

    I don't recall if they give the shots to all new moms or just certain ones.  I had emerge C-sec


  • I know that your blood can clog easier after pregnancy, but have you considered getting tested for a clotting disorder?
    The only reason I ask is because my maternal grandmother passed away from a blood clot to her lungs 3 days after having my mom. T
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  • Haven't heard of heart attacks, but do know of two women that had strokes weeks after giving birth.  Scary. You aren't alone, but I'm sure it can be overwhelming.  At least your drs are being proactive!

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    Haven't heard of heart attacks, but do know of two women that had strokes weeks after giving birth.  Scar

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