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Feeling Guilty about Stimulation

So LO is 7wks, going on 8 and we're getting some interaction moments where I talk he coos, smiles, etc for a few minutes at a time. BUT most of the time he is still sleeping, eating ,being changed or is awake but kind of doesn't want to be bothered. He'll be in his swing perfectly fine so I take him out thinking I should stimulate him by talking to him or doing tummy time etc but then he hates being bothered so I put him back and he's fine. Do you have similar experiences? 
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Re: Feeling Guilty about Stimulation

  • You could sit next to the swing and talk to him. My favorite time with DS1 was diaper changes. Then he really smiled and looked at me. You can walk around with him or hold him and talk to him while he looks around. sounds boring for an adult, but he would
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  • My feeling is that if LO is happy,  then leave him/her alone.  I would not sit there talking to a happy baby just for stimulation purposes.  I think that at this point, just being on the outside is stimulation enough. 

  • Don't feel guilty.  Follow LO's lead, if he's saying he wants quiet time, then that's what he needs.  With the exception being 'tummy time'  that's necessary whether they want it or not!  I guess if you are really looking for a 'swing
  • You might be overthinking this ;) Just let him chill if he wants to. They like alone time too!



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  • I agree with the PPs, but man, yes I sure do feel the same way!  LO loves to just lay on his back and couldn't care less if I talk to him or if I'm even in the room.  I am trying not to worry about it, but it is bothering me.  
  • My baby is the same age and I have the same questions. I guess when it comes down to it they only need a few minutes' stimulation at a time. I forget where I read this but if they turn away or otherwise act disinterested with you then they probably are -
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