My 'Instant Mom' Is Here!

Yay :)

My 2 Blogs: Jalara's Chronicles (access on request)  &   India Surrogacy Blog
5 miscarriages of 6 babies, 2 IVF cycles and a devastating failed international adoption
Expecting via surrogacy in India!
Surrogate: Feb 5th 2014: Betas: 10dp5dfet @ 110, 12dp5dfet @ 302, 14dp5dfet @ 767
First time a beta has ever doubled in 48 hours - ever!!!

Puddle due October 15th

Induced Lactation: It's working! I
'm making milk!

No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing fighting
The dream that you wish
Will come true
                   - Disney
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Re: My 'Instant Mom' Is Here!

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