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New job opportunity, but LO is only 5 weeks

I have received a job opportunity, but our LO is only 5 weeks old tomorrow.

At my current job I have paid maternity/vacation that will last until LO is 6 months old. This opportunity means more money, better benefits, and a pension... it also means starting work in 2 weeks. I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave her and find childcare, but this new job would put our family in a better financial position. My husband doesn't want me to take the job as he feels LO is still too young and I can always find a better job when she's older. I'm torn as I see both sides. Any advice?

Re: New job opportunity, but LO is only 5 weeks

  • I don't have any advice sorry but I do have an interview tomorrow and my LO is 6 weeks old. I will be in your situation if they do offer me the position..
  • Although I'm a stay at home mom by choice, if I were you I'd take the job. This is why:

     1) You still don't have to start for two week so she'd be 7 weeks at that point. Many moms go back to work at 6-7weeks anyway. You could always see if y

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  • I personally wouldnt. They are only this little once. There is always more time to work
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  • You will have to weight all the positives/negatives and decide what is best for you and your family. I jokingly tell my friends that I need to go back to work because I have college to pay for, but its true. :) I am all about paying off all debt, fully fu
  • Tough call! Can you see if they could maybe let you start in 3 weeks to buy a little more time? For me, I think a 15% pay raise or more would be reason enough for me to switch. And lots of babies start daycare at six weeks, I wouldn't let the age deter yo
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  • If your H thinks your LO is too young, is he able to take some time off while you start your new job?  Maybe he could use the FMLA to do it, and it would help with the transition while you start the new job and find daycare. 

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  • I would push for a later start date with the new company. I was recruited by my current employer when at a competitor while I was dealing with a family situation. I pushed for a start date 8 weeks out and they had no issue. It doesn't hurt to ask during y
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