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How do I tell my preschooler?

I find out next week the sex, and my DD wants a baby sister sooooo bad.  I keep explaining to her that the most important thing is that they are healthy.  At this age, i dont think she really understands fully.  So if it is a boy, I have to think of what I'm going to say to her and not have her lose it and flip out.  I have a few things in mind, but I'd like to hear other experiences or ideas?

Re: How do I tell my preschooler?

  • My DD felt the same. Then we found out were expecting a little boy I just told her she could be like her friends that had little brothers and I gave her examples of them. Now she is super excited because she wants to be just like her best friend who also
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  • We are having a 4th girl. 

    My 2.5 year old took months to wrap her head around the fact that there is a baby in my belly. I THINK she gets that its a girl but she certainly didn't "get it" enough to be upset about the gender.

    My o

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  • My oldest is dead set on a little brother because she already has a little sister. I have brought up the fact that there is a chance that the baby might be a girl, just kind of trying to prepare her and she just refuses to think that. I honestly don't

  • My DD, who was about 1 month shy of turning 4, went with us to the early gender determination scan and was in the room when they said boy. She was sitting with my Mom who tried to make it a big deal she was going to have a baby brother. Well, she really d
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  • My son is almost 5 (in preschool), wanted a brother, DD wanted a sister. Well, we are having a girl. DS was sooooo angry!

    I sat down and explained that no one gets to choose, the baby is what it is. As soon as the baby was in mommy's tumm



  • I would just make a point of pointing out brothers and sisters that you know, so she can see what the possibilities are and remind her that it will be a big surprise to find out what you're having.

    Maybe once you find out, take her shopping to pi

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  • I have a stepdaughter and a son. She's 7 so she went to the ultrasound with us. When she found out this baby is a boy also she was disappointed. Since this is our last dh told her that she will always be his favorite daughter and she will be the only girl
  • my son was deadset on a baby brother, so whenever he would talk about it prior to the ultrasound I just kept saying, "I can't wait to find out if you're having a brother or a sister! they are going to look in my tummy to find out!" to reinforce the idea o
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  • I have boy/girl twins just shy of 4 years old.  They were both hoping for a sister, so much so that they had determined it was a girl months ago and would not really accept my words when I would remind them it could be a boy or a girl.  They cam
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  • image healthynut:
    I have boy/girl twins just shy of 4 years old.  They were both hoping for a sister, so much so that they had
  • all of my kids are 3 years apart. my oldest is a girl and she wanted a sister and had two brothers lol and now im having another girl. She wasnt happy at first but as soon as the oldest boy was born she didnt care, and she didnt really mind with my sec

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