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Working up until you go into labor

I'm due on the 27th so reminders have gone out to the majority of my contacts reminding them of who to contact once I'm out on leave.  I've gotten so many inquiries about when my "last day" is, to which I want to answer "The day before this baby decides to come..."  Being a FTM I know there is a good chance I can go late and I don't want to waste any of my time off before she's here, but people act like I should have an exact date in which I will be unreachable.  Is anyone else getting this kind of question all the time?

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Re: Working up until you go into labor

  • I'm due the same day and I'm getting this question everyday.  I think that a lot of women do go out at least a week before their due date, but I don't have that opportunity.  In all honesty though, I may be changing my mind because the last t


  • No, but that's because I am a SAHM so I have to work til I go into labor. :)
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  • I am.   I'm going to SAH after baby so I'm training a replacement though.   I've cut back my hours quite a bit at this point, but I still go in everyday and help her work though anything I can.  

    I'm 3 day past


  • I decided that my last day would be the 26th, EDD the 30th.  I got mixed reactions. Either coworkers were commenting that I pushed it too close, or they were saying, 'Well if she doesn't end up coming you can always come back in and keep working'.

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  • I am due Thursday and yesterday was the first day lined up of my maternity leave. I teach and sometimes it's difficult to line up subs since we aren't a traditional K-12 so my boss and I were kinda forced to have an "end" date in mind and me to go on leav
  • I'm getting the same question and I'm due this Saturday 4/20. I called in yesterday because Sunday was a rough night and I needed more rest. I was also having pelvic pain and for some reason my job seems to require a lot of filing lately so I took the day
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  • My due date is the 23rd.  I am planning on working right up until I go into labor as well.  I've gotten most things done but the week of my due date will be physically exhausting.  I have to do a lot of running around. I feel the same way y
  • My last day is the 26th, unless baby comes early (EDD is the 29th).  Most people who don't have kids think I am crazy, but most people with kids think it is reasonable to want to spend as much of my mat leave with baby as possible. 


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  • I own my own veterinary clinic and am the only veterinarian on staff, so when I leave, there will be very little money coming in to pay bills. You bet I'm working until baby shows up! (Not that I'm terribly excited about that, mind you.)

    Once I e

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  • I am and I'm also getting some "well I thought you weren't due until the end of the month?" Like babies don't come early and I shouldn't be preparing ahead of time!
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  • I'm also working until baby gets here. I haven't heard any comments about people thinking I'm crazy or that I should leave early but I am getting a lot of 'You're still here' comments... which are annoying. I mean, my EDD hasn't even passed, chill out peo
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  • I didn't know what day I was going to go out for my maternity leave, either. I don't think it's that abnormal. I would just respond and say, "I'm going to be here as long as I can... no telling when the baby will come!" I planned to work up until labor, a


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  • Yes. I am due 4/23 and everyone keeps asking when to contact the new person or when my last day is.  Some people seem desperate for me to stay so they don't have to cover my work load. It is a little annoying. Believe me, I am ready to have this

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  • I am working until Labor (due 4/22), however, my boss has let me telework this last week.  That being said, when it came to project management, I have handed most things over with the caveat to keep me copied on all correspondence so I can track a

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  • I was up until today - I informed my boss that i will work until the 25th, which is my due date. I work upstairs and have to climb the stairs all day long and it's getting very difficult for me to funciton. So i have decided that if baby doesn't come b

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  • I'm due on Sunday.... everyday my co-workers keep saying, "your still here?" It's a little annoying. hehehe. but I'd rather safe my days for after baby is here.


  • I cant imagine working up to the end. I am a teacher. We have to use our accumulated sick time if we want to get paid, but can take twenty school days before our due date, and twenty school days after. After that, we can take family leave.  I took

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one! 

    I would definitely like to be somewhere other than work right now, but I have limited time off so I'm trying to be smart about it.  Can't complain too much, at least my days go by really fast

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  • I'm due on the 29th, My last day would have been next tuesday (our work week/pay period starts on wednesdays) I was going to have my last day be the friday before. But instead since i'm being induced My last work day was the 2 hours i went in on saturday.

  • I'm due on the 26th and that is also my last day of work unless baby comes sooner. 
  • I'm not due until April 25th but every day when the doctors I work with come in they look seriously surprised and say, "You're still here?" Yes. Yes I am. I don't want to waste my maternity leave and sit at home twiddling my thumbs waiting for my daugh

  • Also want to 'ditto' the comment that I"m glad I'm not the only one. I am planning on working till delivery but I am currently 4 days past due and everyone at work (collegues and clients) are getting very annoying with the 'you are still here' , 'i can't
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