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Baby girls with passports

Does anyone know if you can use hair clips in passport photos? Like tiny barrette  types, like the ones they sell at Carters? We're getting ready to have pictures taken and I think she looks so cute in them :)
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Re: Baby girls with passports

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    Canadian here, but I'm pretty sure the general rule is no, keep it as plain as possible, with a black or navy blue shirt/onesie.

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  • Awww :(

    I'm pretty sure too since one of the other requirements was a neutral expression. If they're policing expressions then its probably safe to say they don't want girly accessories LOL . Just wanted to see if anyone rebelled and got away wi

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  • I just got DDs passports and they made me take everything out of her hair. I was also told that her ears needed to show. We got her passport quickly though. Only took about 3 weeks!
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  • I asked about this when I got my new passport photos at Walgreens a few weeks ago.  The photo guy said nothing could be in anyone's hair at all.  No clips, bows, hair ties, sunglasses, etc.  He made me take my bobby pin out and tuck my hair

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