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Bear update

I've gotten a few cautious inquiries about Bear, but no takers yet.  None of the rescue groups seem willing to take him on because of his history of not liking other animals.  Sad

On the plus side, DH has decreed that if his parents get to where they won't wait any longer before putting Bear down, we will bring him here and put him in our shed.  Not the ideal solution, but the shed is cool, has windows he could look out of, and has pretty much nothing else in it.  We can keep him there just while we continue looking for a home.  DH would have to be the one to take care of Bear because of his penchant for running away and the fact that he was never trained to a leash, but he's willing to take on that responsibility.

So poor pup is no longer on death row, but we're still pretty desperate.  Especially since in our area it's technically illegal to have three dogs and our neighbors are the reporting kind.  Angry

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Re: Bear update

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