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Baby Crawling Track!?

Has anyone heard of this?

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine about this a few months ago when she was newly pregnant, but haven't thought about it since then.

So this past weekend, we were hanging out with a few of our couple friends and her husband was telling us all about how he had just built one for their son that's due in June.

 The gist of it - it's a track that you're supposed to put the baby on FROM BIRTH so that they can more quickly develop their muscles and crawl, by pushing off the sides, etc. Some people build them around their beds and put the baby on it to make their way around it at night.

Here's a picture (hopefully it shows up, if not I'll try again):


So I was researching it more this weekend for my own knowledge and I just think it's sad how in a rush parents are for their kids to be the first or the best or whatever.  I think it's awesome those of you ladies on here who are always the first to remind us all that babies do things at their own pace, and you don't need to compare your kid to others...

While researching, I also found this really great article about the topic "Rush, Little Baby"  it's a good read, but pretty long.

 So, what does everyone think about the crawling track specifically?

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Re: Baby Crawling Track!?

  • From what I can see,it's not something I would ever want to get for my kids. I understand wanting you child to reach their milestones and develop into smart kids,but really? Let them be babies and learn to crawl when they are ready. And I don't think





  • I agree with Bpaws. Looks like something a farmer would throw pig slop into. I didn't read the article, but don't see how it would make your baby crawl.

    It's strange, takes up a lot of room, and completely unnecessary.

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  • Wow that doesn't look fun for the baby at all. I was hoping you were talking about some fun track that babies could crawl around so you don't have to baby proof. Lol.

    I don't get rushing things. Of course when DD was trying to crawl, I would

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  • That's just crazy to me.  Why would you want your child to be in such a hurry to crawl.  Ok, say it works and your child is crawling at 4 months. Now what??  Walking by 6?  WHY?!  Its ridiculous!  Let them be little...

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  • It looks so sterile and depressing! Plus, of you want your baby to crawl, put him or her on the floor with toys and interesting objects. They will figure it put in their own time!
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