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...and the slow trickle continues...UPDATE.

I just left the Dr.  she checked me and said that although the fluid isnt testing basic enough for it to be amniotic fluid (it is just really watery discharge...blah) - I am having contractions that are about 4-6 minutes apart (which I can feel but are not over the top painful...yet) and I am dilated a "very loose" 3cm (woohoo).  She told me to go home and watch the contractions and to come back if they are 2-5 minutes apart and getting closer and stronger.

If I have to go in...should it be a time thing? or how much I can stand (like not able to talk through them or breathe through them easily)?  

AH...I am leaking, contracting and this is SO CONFUSING. haha 

Thanks for all of the help! 


Re: ...and the slow trickle continues...UPDATE.

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