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Just wondering how often your extended family members (ie. other than your significant other and any other children) hold your LO.  When you see your parents or your SOs parents, do they expect to hold your baby each and every time you all get together?  Do you feel an obligation to offer for others to hold him/her?

I only ask because DHs family still likes to play "pass the baby" whenever they see her (which I consider to be pretty often at twice a week), and become uncharacteristically grabby.   I'd like to know if this is a little excessive?  We're among the first of our friends and family members to have a baby and I have nothing to compare our recent experience to!  Not sure if I have unrealistic expectations in this regard. 

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  • It's easy to feel possessive as a new mom but I think it's 100% normal for people to want to hold the baby when they visit.  As long as they're respectful of hand washing and your need to feed/comfort the baby, I don't think it's an issue.
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  • DH and I joke with our family that we don't exist anymore.  The point of their visits is to see our LO.  And the only time they're not holding him is if he becomes excessively fussy or feeding time while they're visiting.  You hold him all

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  • Oh yes. Pass the baby is quite a common occurrence whenever we are visiting DH's family. Usually we only see his immediate family, and his mom and sister are the only ones interested in holding her. So it's not too bad there. But when we are at a large

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    I think it's normal for family and friends to want to hold your LO.  I think what might be more the issue in your case is that the family is visiting twice or so a week.  That seems like a lot to me and seeing family that often and them always i
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  • I had a similar issue with my husband's mother, when my son was born I was staying with my in laws while my husband was in basic training with the Air Force, we got into a huge fight because she would come back into my room first thing in the morning as s
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  • I think it partially depends on who you are referring to- we see our parents on average once a week, and they always hold LO (I will say my MIL is a lot better about abstaining if he's asleep whereas my mom seems to not care...). My sister is a lot les

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  • My inlaws ALWAYS hold her. If we are visiting, I just say goodbye for a few hours because they never want to give her back. It does annoy me, and I get mad. But, I just let it go. I know they love her and mean well. My MIL always takes her out of the room
  • Of course they want to hold the baby,  My MIL, mother, and sister all want to feed her as well.  I don't see why you would have a problem with them wanting to hold her.  It's not like they have a baby at home and many people really enjoy ne
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  • We see my family and ILs probably once a week. They love to hold my baby and I am glad to give my arms a break and let her be around other people besides myself. They always ask before picking her up though- even if she is starting to fuss in the swing

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    Of course they want to hold the baby,  My MIL, mother, and sister all want to feed her as well.  <i

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  • Well I will be in the minority and say I hate pass the baby. My LO is extremely fussy/high needs and doesn't like to be overhandled. I generally don't offer when we are at
    functions especially if there's a large group of people. I have to take him t


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  • My immediate family (MIL, mother, SIL, sister) always hold her if they are visiting.  I enjoy the break and it allows me to zip around the house and do some things.  DH had the flu last week so my MIL came over to help one night and all I wan


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  • I think it's very normal for people to want to hold the baby. I took my son to a shower yesterday and only saw him when he needed to eat. People even took care of his diaper and everything. Honestly, maybe it's because it's my third, but I was thrilled to
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