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Does this seem normal?

Ds is 15 months old and has never been sick before. He just started daycare 3 weeks ago. This weekend we were at a BBQ where ds didn't eat much real food. He had some Burger King fries [hes never had them before, a lady gave them to him because food wasn't ready yet]. Then he had a few Cheetos and that's about it til we got home. He had pasta and some veggies. Sunday morning he woke up coughing so I went in to get him and he had thrown up a little. I thought it was just from coughing, so I have him his regular milk and cereal. About an hour later he had eggs and plain toast. An hour after that he threw everything up. He was acting fine after that, drinking and playing. He took a 3 hour nap and woke up still acting fine. He had some pedialite and after about an hour of that he threw that up. Again, was fine after that. He was acting hungry so we gave him some banana, and oatmeal. He ate fine and went to bed fine. Then at midnight he threw up again. He's been fine so far this morning, but it just worries me that he was fine for all those hours and then threw up again out of no where. Like I said this is his first sickness so I'm sure I'm just overreacting. I don't want to take him into the dr if this is normal in case he ends up catching something else there.
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Re: Does this seem normal?

  • I'd say that's pretty normal for toddlers when they're sick.

    I know toddlers that are even perfectly healthy and will throw up randomly on occassion for whatever reason.

    My general rule is if she's still drinking, not overly crabby or let

  • Sounds like a stomach virus.  Hopefully it's just the 24-hour variety and not the full week to two weeks variety.  Heads up - he'll probably have diarrhea next.  Start greasing his butt now so when the runs come, his bottom is protected and
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  • Sounds like a stomach virus.  I might back of foods a bit until the vomiting lets up, and focus on keeping him hydrated.  If he's really hungry, stick to bland foods - toast, crackers.  When DD had a stomach virus, food just wouldn't stay d
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  • I agree on the stomach virus. My LO really hardly ever acts sick unless he's REALLY really sick. So sometimes its hard to tell with him what is going on unless there are other symptoms.

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  • DD had something VERY simmilar to this a couple weeks ago.  She threw up on me 6x in one hour.  First I thought food poisoning, but called the dr anyway, no fever or anything, he said, she was probably aOK but to watch her overnight. This st

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  • Poor little guy.  If he's acting fine I wouldn't suspect food poisoning since it's painful.  Does sound like a virus, he probably picked up at daycare since he isn't built an immunity yet.  I would try offering dry foods throughout the
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