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If not an ear infection

My daughter (18 mos) has, aside from a couple minor colds, been very healthy.  No major issues, no ear infections, etc.  But the last few weeks she's been smacking her ears, later sticking her fingers in them.  But no fever, they're not red or hot, she doesn't act sick or anything.  Could she have fluid in her ears or something else if it's not an infection?  She's been doing this for awhile but couldn't sleep and unusually cried alot yesterday so I made her an appointment for this afternoon.  I just don't know what all I should ask the doctor because she's always been so healthy.
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Re: If not an ear infection

  • The not sleeping/unusually fussy would make me think ear infection. Sometimes they present without a fever, and while they often are preceded by colds they aren't always (my girls had 11 between the two of them, and maybe 1 was preceded by cold). 

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  • My LO had no symptoms either but developed a yucky sounding cough so I took him in. Turns out he had a really bad ear infection but I had no idea. The cough was just from a cold but developed an ear infection as well. It was his first so I thought he
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  • Has she had other ear infections this year? Last time I was in for a potential ear infection we talked through justification for or against tubes. We also talked through preventive things for ear problems feed as upright as possible, etc. At least respir
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  • If it's not an ear infection, it could be from teething. I know sometimes my DD's ears hurt when she is pushing a tooth through. It's not an infection...just sort of the pain radiating up from the gums.


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  • image FabulousMrs.P:

    If it's not an ear infection, it could be from teething. I know sometimes my DD's ears hurt when she is pushing



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  • DS's eyes were a little goopey last week and he had a minor cold (gets them all the time at DC, but never anything major) but was acting totally fine.  Then, one night he woke up really upset and was rubbing his ear, so I took him in just to rule out
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  • Thanks so much for all the advice!  I'm so glad I decided to take her in now.  When I read online this morning they don't have have a fever with ear infection I felt like I should call.  She just doesn't fuss much at all so I can tell somet
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  • DD just got over her first real cold.  I took her to the ped last week because she was sticking her fingers in her ears and screaming.  Turns out her ears were completely blocked shut with wax.  The ped cleared some of it out of the way (DD
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  • Thankfully, no infection and no fluid in her ears.  She only has allergies, and all the drainage and wax they saw is making her ears itch.  So they gave her a claritin rx.
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