EP'ing - Formula Supplementing

I have been trying so hard for awhile to keep up but I'm only producing ~ 46 - 50 ounces a day while my boys need ~ 27 each or 54 ounces total.  I'm burning through my freezer stash pretty quickly so I was curious for those that have to supplement formula, is their one you'd recommend?

I was hoping to keep things as natural/organic as possible and notice there are very few brands out there that seem to advertise they are 'organic' but who knows if they really are that much better than other formulas.

Also, which bottle(s) do you supplement?  I was thinking of their last bottle of the day before bedtime but wasn't sure if that made sense in case they don't tolerate the formula as well. 

Do you mix formula with your breast milk if you need to supplement less formula than an entire bottle?


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Re: EP'ing - Formula Supplementing

  • I didn't have to supplement, but my SIL did and I believe she used Gentlease or something and her DS did well on it.  I wouldn't mix the formula and BM though, just incase they didn't finish the whole bottle, you probably don't want to have to toss o
  • I haven't supplemented myself, but the LCs I work with say Good start tastes the closest to breast milk, so maybe try that. I agree with PP about not mixing the BM and formula, at least until you're sure they  will take it. You don't want to waste it


  • I just started supplementing... My lo is 17 days old and I a, only producing an ounce to an ounce and a half every 2 hours so the LC has me adding formula to get each feeding to 2oz I found that my lo wouldn't take the formula well without me mixing it an
  • We use Gerber good start original, the orange one, it was important for me that whey cows milk protein bethe 1st ingredient not soy or corn. We do the powder kind. We also do the last bottle of the day so we don't have to worry about getting it all ready
  • We started supplementing when DD was ~ 2 weeks old.  The first formula we tried was Similac Advance in the premixed 2oz bottles and DD took it fine.  When I switched to powdered forumla (around 4 weeks) I started with one can of Similac Organic.
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