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Knots after Lovenox shot

I have two huge bruises with knots under them after my Lovenox shots about three days ago.. They are not warm, but are sore. Does anyone have an idea on how to get them to go away faster? Do I need to call my Dr.? This is my first week on them so I have a while on the shots.  

Re: Knots after Lovenox shot

  • I get them occasionally too.  The first time I went to my doc and he said that it is normal... Can take awhile for them to go away though and they can hurt a lot!!  Call your doc for reassurance if you want, but I think you are okay.  I fou
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  • About once a week, I get a huge bruise and knot that is super painful. I showed them to my OB and she said it wasn't anything I did and there isn't anything that can be done. They typically take 7 - 10 days to subside.

     She said to just stay

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  • I don't take Lovenox, but do get the weekly p17 shots and have been for the past 11 weeks.  Some weeks I get the bruising and the knots (and itchyness...ick) that you describe.  It suddenly happened to me after 6 weeks of getting them so I calle
  • When I was on lovanox and I gave myself the shots I would have the same issue. But when a nurse would do it the bruises didn't seem as bad.
  • At almost 36 weeks my bruises and knots from heparin are huge. You kind of just have to roll with it. Sucks the worst when the ultrasound tech pushes hard in them!

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