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XP: Traveling with baby on a schedule

LO is 10 weeks old and in the past few weeks has put himself on a very regular schedule of eating every 3 hours during the day, going down for the night around 9:00 pm and waking up for his first feeding somewhere between 5:00 am and 6:45 am (he takes only a little at this feeding, usually around 3 oz as compared to his normal 5-5.5 oz, and no matter when he wakes for this feeding, he has his "start of the day feeding at 8:00 am, eating every 3 hours after that).

H and I need to travel from MA to NY for a wedding in 2 weeks and are trying to figure out the best approach for making the drive. We'd like to stop as little as possible with an infant (hopefully only once for the 4 1/2 hour drive) and would like to disrupt LO's schedule as little as possible.

Suggestions? Do we stop at his normal feeding times to change him and offer him the bottle even if he is asleep in the car seat? Any thoughts/tips would be appreciated! TIA!

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