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My baby hates baths

She is three months old now, and every time I bathe her she screams. I make the bath as brief as possible, both because she hates it and it's hard on my back. We only have a shower in our bathroom, so I use a plastic baby tub. It has a removable net seat, which I've tried not using. Any ideas on how to make bathtime more enjoyable for both of us? TIA 

Re: My baby hates baths

  • We put a Nice warm cloth over DS's whole body so the only parts not in the water are his head and hands.  He is much happier this way than he is when he first gets in.  We also sing and giggle while he's there to keep him distracted.  Good
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  • Your water might be too cold.  I froze my poor first kid because I made the water the recommended temperature - in reality, it was way too cold for his liking. Now I stick my elbow in it and if it doesn't hurt, that's good. 


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  • Ours screamed when we used the temp the hospital told us to use.  We've since made it warmer and she loves her baths.  We also started using a lot more water so her body is submerged rather than just a bit of her bum and legs.

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  • Some people take their babies in the shower with them and they seem to like it a lot more. I would imagine this would be much easier having someone right outside the shower to help though. Maybe you could try that?
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  • The first bath I gave DS, he screamed like crazy!!! I realized that the recommended water temp was just too cold for him.  So I made it a lot warmer, and I drape a washcloth over his body.  Now, the bath is his favorite part of the day.

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    As others have said, I use a lot of splashes out all over the place, but DS has a great time!  I also use really warm water.  He prefers to have warmer water, so I just go with it.  Finally, I have always put a wet washcloth over
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  • Like previous posters have said, water temp made all the difference for us. The first bath we gave him, the water was not warm enough and he screamed the whole time. For the next one, I made the water a good bit warmer and he loved it. I like to keep spla

  • Does the tub fit in the sink? We have the Fisher Price whale tub and I put it in our kitchen sink so I don't have to bend over the tub. Make sure the water is warm enough. I also fill the tub pretty high because DS likes being submerged. He hated sponge b
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  • Firstborn didn't like his plastic tub.  We put a small hand towel under him in it and he did much better.  I think he felt more secure,  Warm water and enough water to cover him.

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  • We just had our first good bath time yesterday! We had tried the infant tub in the kitchen sink and in the shower tub and he hated it. We tried in the shower with me and I'd hand him to dh when done, that didn't work either... Yesterday I steamed the bat
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  • Use the shower. 

    DD hates baths, adult sized or baby sized. In a test run I took her into the shower with me and she loves it! Seriously shes weird I understnd but she honestly is a much happier  baby being in the shower. It's all smile

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  • image GeeksWithSqueaks:

    Use the shower. 

    DD hates baths, adult sized or baby sized. In a test run I took her into the sho

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