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No-spill food pouch attachment DIY

Hello all!

I came up with a way to turn puree pouches into no-spill pouches... my LO likes to flap his arms while holding the pouch, sending food everywhere. We don't use spoons with our pouches, my LO just sucks it right out of the pouch.

All you need is a "soothie" style pacifier! Cut a "X" in the top and jam the pouch nozzle into the hole of the paci and it forms a pretty tight seal. Now my LO can suck the good stuff out without making a mess. They sell little nozzles that screw on to baby food pouches, but they are expensive and aren't no-spill...

If it's squeezed gently, nothing comes out.. (My son sucks on them, rather than squeezing the pouch) but if you sit on it or something I'm sure there would still be a mess. Also, I've read somewhere about it being a bad idea to cut paci/bottle nipple material because it can rip off or something. I check it before each use and it doesn't look like it's getting any closer to tearing, so just be careful and toss if one of the cut parts starts to rip off!

Hope someone can use this!

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Re: No-spill food pouch attachment DIY

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