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Bed Time Routine!

Hi Ladies!


We are going to start DD on a bed time routine pretty quick here, just interested to hear what your bed time routines are like and what are your favorite things to do! Our little girl just turned 3 months old, so if you have any tips or tricks lets here 'em!

Thanks :)

Re: Bed Time Routine!

  • For our LO, we start bedtime at 7:30. Each night, we do bath I let her play as long as she stays happy, lavender lotion, pj's, swaddle, and I nurse and read a bedtime story at the same time. There are a few nights that we will be out and when we get home
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  • We started our LO on a routine pretty early, about 2 weeks and she seems to do great with it considering she goes to bed fine every night and still refuses to naps:
    I bring her in her room put a lullaby on that's on her noise machine, give her a mes
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  • Our routine is still pretty simple.  If its a bath day, he gets a bath at 6:15-6:30, then lotion and pjs. Then right after, or at about 6:45 we get his bottle ready, take him to his nursery, close the blinds and curtains and turn on a sound machin


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  • Our routine starts around 8.  DS plays on his playmat, and does some tummy time.  Then he gets a bath, and then straight to the nursery for his last bottle.  I rock him to sleep while listening to Lullaby Renditions of The Cure, Muse, Led Z

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  • I give her a bottle and swaddle. She goes to sleep within 10 minutes.

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  • We usually start between 7:30 and 8...if its a bath night we start with the bath and let her go until the water starts to get cold because she will stay in there forever. Every night we change her diaper and put her in PJs, swaddle, turn off all the light

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  • DS is usually due for his last bottle before he goes down for his longest stretch at 7. If it is a bath night we start his bath around 6:30. Otherwise, at 7 we do a diaper change, get in PJs, turn on the sound machine and night light, and give his bottle
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  • We always do bath, pj, sleepsack, bottle, cuddle/burping and then take her to her crib, if she's still awake we turn the carrillon on, otherwise I just lay her down
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  • We start about 7:30. Warm bath, lotion, book, swaddled, lights off, nurse to sleep. I like how some have added a certain sound to the routine.
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  • At around 8:30 we start winding things down (turning down the lights, playing soft music etc) She nurses and then we rock for a little bit.  We read a nice story and look at pictures and then wrap her up and turn on her sound machine.&
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    My DS prefers to go to bed between 7:30 and 8:30, so I try to watch for his cues to make sure he's not too tired.  Generally we start a bath at 7:30 and let him play while he's happy.  After bath, he gets his pjs and sleepsack on (with arms swad
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  • We start winding down around 7. DD still naps between every feed, but only for 45 to 60 minute during the day. When she wakes from her last nap she nurses. Then we have a calm activity, reading, calm songs, or some such. Then a diaper change and into h
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  • We have a very simple night time routine. I feed Lo around 6:307pm. Then I put him in his bounce chair in the bathroom. Then I jump in the shower to wash myself and prepare for the work day. Then I hop out and start the bath. Then Lo and I take a bath tog
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