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over doing it

So today we went to the zoo. I'm almost 3 weeks pp, it was a nice day, we have season passes, and I wanted to get the kiddos out of the house. I didn't think much of all the walking involved until about half way through some lady asked how old the baby was. When I told her, she looked at me like I had two heads. Then she scolded me about how I was going to hemorrhage doing all this walking. She then proceeded to tell me how she hemorrhaged 2 weeks after giving birth from just walking through the mall Christmas shopping, and she didn't start hemmorhaging until 12 hours later. I few minutes later I had some pain down in my lower stomach/uterus so we stopped and ate then finished the zoo. But now I'm nervous that I pushed it too far. It was probably 3mi. Of walking total Cleveland zoo if anyone is familiar I'm just feeling really crampy and sore now and petrified I'm going to hemorrhage. I'm not really bleeding at all, I'm barely spotting. So if I over did it and damaged something don't you think I'd have increased bleeding by now? What has everyone else experienced with this?
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