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CP: Narrowing it down (Girls)

Girls are harder because I "like" a lot of names and still have a huge number on my list, but none of them feel "right." DH's favorite is Violet, but he says he likes the others a lot as well.

Bridget has always been a favorite, but for some reason I haven't been "feeling" it as much lately and seem to be drawn more towards different names.

Some of the other names that are hanging around are: Olive, Cosette, Edith "Edie," Greta (but we have a close family member with this name), Matilda, Augusta (too close to DS2's mn), Beatrice "Bea," Carys, Moira, Catrin, Aoife, Maura, Mairead, Ruth...blah.

As far as middle names, it will likely, be a family/personal meaning name: Gwyneth/Gwynedd, Clementine (no connection), Corrine, Ceridwen, Sarah...[Poll]
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Re: CP: Narrowing it down (Girls)

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