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Anyone have experience with giving Vigamox to LO?

Hi! I could use some tips with giving my DS the eye drops for pink eye, which he woke up with this morning. Oh my gosh, it is not easy to get them in his eye, and I'm worried not enough is getting in. Plus, the pedi said to give him 2 drops a day, but everyone I've talked to otherwise has said 3 times. Ugh. I will be calling again to confirm in the morning, but I would love to hear from more moms in the meantime! Thanks!
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Re: Anyone have experience with giving Vigamox to LO?

  • Our lo had to have drops for an infection that was also in his eyes. The pedi gave him oral antibiotics and drops so we only had to give the drops for a few days. I found that the only way to do it was to fight through the screaming. I laid him on the cou

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  • Thanks for responding. I will try the knee trick. 

    I'm so worried that none of the drops are actually getting into his eyes. Today the pink eye actually got worse instead of better. :( 

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  • If you put the drop in the corner of the eye, the drop will slide into the child's eye on it's own. You may have to help your child title their head over to one side though.  My daughter was born with a cataract and after her surgery this was one of
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