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FTMs- what are you doing all day?

I am a home body and don't crave a whole lot of social interaction, but I am getting a little antsy on my maternity leave.  (This will be my 3rd week offf) Never thought I'd be saying that!)  I am so glad to be home and wouldn't have it any other way, but I've kind of fallen in the rut of just watching TV all day, getting a few things done around the house, and pretty much just "hanging out".  I feel lazy and unproductive. So, besides taking care of the baby, what are you spending time doing?  
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Re: FTMs- what are you doing all day?

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    I also fell into the watching TV all day routine, although I try to sleep when LO naps but I'm not much of a nap taker so that's hard. As soon as I could lift the car seat in and out of the car (I had a C-section) on my own, I started taking him o

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  • That pretty much describes my life for probably the first 6 weeks of maternity leave. I watched more TV than I ever have in my whole life!
    Now, we've fallen into a pretty predictable routine. I do housework while she naps, we visit my mom in the af
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  • I am on my 4th week off and I do watch a fair amount of TV.  I am however doing some things around the house that I didn't get a chance to do before my DD came (she was 3 weeks early) like cleaning out pantries & closets, cleaning baseboards, tha
  • We are remodeling our house that we just bought in December so besides all the caring for LO and basic cleaning, I am learning a whole lot of new things about houses! I have been painting rooms, mudding, texturing walls, staining wood, making a lot of Hom
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  • I workout, clean something, take LO on a walk (if the weather isnt cooperating, I put him in a sling and we walk on the treadmill) and watch tv. Taking care of baby takes so much time and effort. Try not to think about being productive in the sense tha

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  • I try to list one or two household chores I want to get done before the day is out. The weather has been nicer  and daylight has been lasting longer so we go for walks in the early evening before starting bedtime routines. We go to public library sto
  • DD is 2 weeks today and I haven't been able to get much done since she's been cluster feeding. If she does go down for a nap I'll try to start something like cutting up fruit for the fridge or folding laundry but if she wakes up wanting treat I have to

  • I was a C-section mama so my first two weeks were a blur of recovering from that, and now we're figuring out LO's feeding schedule bc my boy is HUNGRY! :) So I spend a lot of time feeding him, changing him, feeding him again, then trying to get him to nap

  • After I was released to start doing things due to c section, I would take care of lo and try to play with the dogs. As lo and I started to get our rhythm down it became getting house hold chores down, we go for walk about every other day weather permit

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  • I'm a STM and my older son is home MWF and at daycare T/TH. MWF we're busy - he has services coming to the house 1-2 times a day in the morning, he watches TV, we play, try to take a walk, do errands (with both of them if I'm feeling brave) or go visit

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  • image kleigh926:
    That pretty much describes my life for probably the first 6 weeks of maternity leave. I watched more TV than I ever

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