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Provera side effects????? (ticker warning)

I just thought I would ask here as there seems to be more people on this board than in SIF. 

I just started taking Provera last night and when I woke up this morning the left side of my face and upper left arm are numb feeling.  I slept on my left side the entire night.  It's been two and a half hours and they still feel the same.

I did call the Clinic and told them about it and they said it wasn't from the Provera and to call them back if it gets worse. 

What should I do now?  Do you think it is just from sleeping on my left side the entire night?

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Re: Provera side effects????? (ticker warning)

  • I am on Provera as well, and have been many times. I haven't ever had that happen. I do however get killer hot flashes. I think everyone's body is different.
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