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I know this is not a shower but MIL mentioned how excited she is about the christening party.  I have never been to one  or heard of one and was wondering what was involved.  Who to invite, what to do, and is it necessary? If we get the baby baptized the thought of an after party never crossed my mind.Dh family is very catholic and would all attend, I assume, but the thought of another party is a little overwhelming.

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  • This depends on many things. Some people go all out and have a fully catered party at a banquet hall and invite lots of people. Some people invite the godparents and grandparents to refreshments after the ceremony. I think it's nice to do something to cel
  • For my godmother's son, it was a backyard barbecue at their place after the ceremony. I also know people who didn't do anything at all.

    If you're worried about another party, you can tell your MIL that you guys aren'

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  • I had one for DS1 at 3 wks old and one for DS2 at 1 wk old. I'm Catholic, DH's family isn't and they live OOT and don't believe in infant baptism, so we invite my local family and our friends who are Catholic to the baptism ceremony. Afterwards everyon

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  • My mom is hosting one after LO is baptised next month.  It will just be the godparents, grandparents, our siblings and their families.  we're planning on serving a veggie tray, little sandwiches, cake, tea, coffee and lemonade.  Nothing big

  • We just did a small luncheon after the service with immediate family. Nothing crazy!
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  • I know what you mean. Christening my baby and having a get together after is very important for my mom. I was raised Catholic but haven't really attended church since I was 16 so I honestly feel odd doing this all for my baby, but it is extremely importan
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  • DH and I are Catholic, but I was not raised Catholic so the thought of an after party for a baptism was a little odd to me, personally.  All the baptisms I remember in my family were just show up, child baptized, go home.  But, we also didn't tr
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  • As pp have mentioned I think it really depends on your group. For my family it's a big event.
    Just do what's best for you and your family. If the baptism will be soon after birth maybe not something huge you'll still be recovering.
  • Our church does not do Baptisms (non-denominational Christian) but we do Baby Dedications.  We had a brunch after the ceremony for each of the kids.  We invited close family and very close friends.  I had everything in the oven/crockpots

  • We are Catholic. DS is getting baptized on the 28th of April. I already have 40 rsvps, expecting maybe 50 at a country club reception (this is the norm for my family). In this day and age everyone wants to have a party for everything (often times when it
  • It totally depends on the family.
    Some of my friends have huge huge parties. For ds, he was baptized 2 says after Christmas. Only immediate family attended and we just took everyone out to an early dinner after.

  • I've never heard of a christening or a baptism without a party afterwards. So that just goes to show you everybody is different. We did a brunch after at DD's godmother's house. I'm assuming we'll do something similar this time.
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  • We haven't planned anything yet, but it will be a small gathering afterwards with dinner at our house. Only our parents and brothers and sisters, they will slow be the godparents. We will also invite our priest.

  • DS was baptized in August when he was 7 weeks old, and we felt it was appropriate to host the family members who attended. We didn't send out formal invitations and limited it to our parents and our siblings, rather than extended family. It was nice but p
  • Wow  this is big business.  I haven't been to a baptism in over 15 years, so I had no idea.  The thing is, with DH alone, his family is over 37 people, all live in town, and that does not include my family (which are catholic) or our cathol
  • OP, do you know whether baptisms at your church are done during Sunday Mass or can be held at another time? Our church only holds baptisms during Sunday Mass, which starts at 10:30 and get out at nearly noon, so we were kind of forced into serving more su
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    Wow  this is big business.  I haven't been to a baptism in over 15 years, so I had no idea.  The t
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  • image KateMW:
    I've never heard of a christening or a baptism without a party afterwards. So that just goes to show you everybody is
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  • So there's no set etiquette on who is supposed to host a Baptism Party?
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  • Traditionally, sometimes after the baptism family and close friends gather at someone's house or the church hall for a meal or cake or something to nosh on. Some may bring gifts for the baby but its not a must. It's about welcoming the child into the Cath
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    My mom is hosting one after LO is baptised next month.nbsp; It will just be the godparents, grandparents, our siblin
  • image StayingSecret:

    This is what I'm used to as well.  Pretty casual - pizza or sloppy joes or BBQ.  Sometimes, the close


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  • the norm in our families (we are Mexican) is a party after the baptism. I had my first sons at a park, my 2nd sons at my dads house, and my daughter's at our house. we either did a bbq or catered food. some people go all out a rent a hall with a dj and al
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