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Tell me about your cat?

How did your cat respond to the new baby? Does anyone's cat really try to sleep in the crib/bassinet? My mom is driving me crazy by constantly telling me the cat is going to smother her. I honestly can't imagine this. How would you even limit their access to the baby, anyway?
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Re: Tell me about your cat?

  • We have three cats, who have shown varying degrees of interest.  We don't let the cats in the nursery, or in our bedroom while the baby is sleeping there.  I'm sure it would be entirely innocent, but it is not totally far-fetched to think that t
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  • We don't have a cat but my MIL does. Every time we take DD over there the cat tries to get into the car seat when it's empty. We do have dogs and I never leave DD alone with them. If she's in her swing or rock n play and I need to leave the room really qu
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  • I've made the cats stay outside/in the garage since this dd came home due to the fact that

    A. They eat pacifiers like nobodies business
    B. they like to piss in the car seat carrier
    C. I don't trust them around dd.
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  • My cat wants absolutely nothing to do with the screaming mess that is a newborn. She tries to get into almost everything baby related, but that's only because its fuzzy, warm, and shaped to cuddle (bassinet, bouncer seat, etc.)

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  • Our cat is older and has been kind of depressed since his brother died and he is now an only cat.  He meows at us a lot, and since the baby has come, he meows at her just like us.  I think she is learning to reach out and pet him when he demands
  • We have two cats. One did end up in the crib with one of our kids in it exactly once. She jumped in, saw the baby and couldn't get out quick enough. She never went near the crib again and doesn't go near their beds even though she sleeps on our bed. The o
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  • RacieRacie
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    Our cat was completely uninterested in the baby.  He was scared of the baby, he just completely ignored her.

    I was originally planning on always keeping the cat out of whatever room the baby was in because I thought he might be cuddly and I di
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  • My two cats have been fine with DS, not nearly as interested in him as the dogs are. My older more well adjusted girl has warmed to him already, but prefers to try to steal my lap whenever she can than really doing anything with him. She was a

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  • We actually were worried about one of our cats laying with the baby because she would always jump in the crib and PNP before DD was born. She's also very affectionate so we were afraid she would want to cuddle with baby. She never jumps in the crib anymor
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  • My cats currently have no interest in my newborn now, but when my daughters were small my oldest cat took full responsibility for them. I often tell the story of how she'd come and find me whenever my newborn started crying and meowed at me until I res

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  • Thanks for all the replies! I'm not terribly worried about our cat trying to sleep with LO. He doesn't make any attempt to get in the crib or rnp, although he did discover the newborn napper in the pnp last night. I know he would never bite her, and he i
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  • My cats couldn't give two shiits about the baby. When he starts to cry they look pretty freaked out and that's about it. He sleeps in a RNP in our room and there is no room for kitties in there. One is so fat it would be a pipe dream for him to be able t
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  • I'm an owner of 2. One fixed female-5 yrs and one unfixed male-1 yr. The female tried to sleep in LO's crib and bassinet once while we were home and got the "bad kitty" treatment with water. She doesn't want anything to do with LO, just keeps her dis
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  • The most interest either of our cats has shown in the baby, is 1 cat likes to sleep on his changing pad. He runs out of the room when he hears me coming with the baby though (he gets spanked when i catch him on that damn pad lol) We left the crib and PnP
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  • I was a little worried about bringing a baby home with our cat, as he hates literally everyone but DH and I.  He was into all the baby stuff before DS was born, but I tried not to discourage it too much as cats are extreamly sensitive to changes in t
  • My cat could care less about the baby.  She has never tried to go near DS, however several times I have caught her in the carseat, but I nipped that in the bud real quick.   If I ever caught her in the crib, her butt would be staying outsid
  • We have two cats, one is terrified of everything so we never had to worry about her, but my other one I was very nervous to bring the baby home, the first day she really scared me, she growled the first time she heard him cry, and that night I didn't slee
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