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Staying in a hotel with LO

We are going out of town in a few weeks with our LO and staying in a hotel. Unfortunately, it is not a suite as it is a budget trip. Typically our LO goes to bed at 8 pm but I'd imagine he can handle a bit later. Even then though it would still be like 9 and he would be ready for bed. If you have stayed with a LO in a hotel, did you just go to bed then too? Also, did your LO put up a fight about going to sleep since he/she knew you were right there?

Also, did you bring sippy cups and what did you do to wash them?

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated to make this weekend getaway easier. Thanks!

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Re: Staying in a hotel with LO

  • We did pretty much go to bed when he did while in a standard hotel room, but we brought our kindles to read and arranged it so the TV could be on and the light wasn't really hitting the PnP so we could have it on low volume.

    He was still on
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  • We usually end up putting little one to bed a little late. Sometimes we have to chill in the bathroom for a bit while DD went to sleep. Then we could watch TV or play on the iPad.

    I just washed bottles/sippies in the sink with hand soap.

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  • I have stayed in a hotel with my kids quite a few times. On the short over night stays, I go to bed with them. On the longer hotel stays I try to push back their bedtime a little and have never had a problem with it or had a problem transitioning them b
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  • Sleep: When in a hotel we go to bed when she goes to bed. I try to give her a late afternoon nap so that she lasts a bit later into the evening but her regular bed time is 9pm so that's not really a parental hardship.

    For washing cups in a reg

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  • I second the travel size bottles and filling it with dishsoap! It worked great for us when we stayed in a hotel with LO!

    I am not sure where you are staying or what type of vacation, but we are leaving for a beach vacation this week.  Our ho



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  • Do you have any other family/friends staying at the hotel? We got a hotel next to my sister that was attached so we put him to bed and went in the next room and watching tv or whatever until we were ready to go to bed. As for washing his stuff if it's jus
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  • We've stayed a bunch of times with E.  One time, our room was right ouside the deck and pool, and our monitor reached, so we sat on the deck and enjoyed some wine until we went to bed.  In Hawaii, we stayed a few nights in a hotel that was a

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